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Paramount Security Solutions Inc. provides a superior home and business security experience pairing cutting edge technology with quality work and reliable customer service. We install and service camera systems, access control, and monitored alarm systems. We use the highest quality components with the latest security technology that has been tested by our technicians for proven in-field performance that ensures our customers’ safety and security. Our technicians, backed by knowledgeable and dependable service advisers, deliver a professional home and business security experience. We deliver peace of mind and reliable support for all your home and business security needs.

Florida State License #EG13000713
We offer a full range of products video surveillance and alarm systems for homeowners, condominiums, or apartments. All systems are installed by a professional technician. Once the install is complete, we will provide you with software training and an app for remote viewing on your smart phone.
Many clients ask us to work with their home builder from the planning stages, to ensure integration of the security, home networking, and alarm systems. If you are in the process of building a home, this is the best time to run your wiring.
We also retrofit homes for security and fire detection. With so many types of construction, it is best to have one of our certified technicians visit the home, at no charge, to discuss options.

Have an existing system, but something isn't working or need an upgrade?
Paramount has you covered! We offer service for existing security systems and if you are in need of newer equipment, our techs will provide you with an assessment  and suggest upgrades where needed.

Our commercial applications include cameras with remote viewing, alarms, license plate readers, and gate and door access. 

Security System Installations
Free security assessments provided by certified technicians to help protect your home or business.

Home Security
Business Security
Apartments & Condominiums
Smoke Detectors
Medical Alert
Carbon Monoxide Sensors
Video Doorbells
Automatic Door Locks
Gate Access
Alarm Monitoring

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